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Clothing Styles for Fall/Winter 2018-2019

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Posted on September 15 2018

Clothing Styles for Fall/Winter 2018-2019


Welcome back to fãv blog! Last time we wrote about what about Purse Styles for Fall/Winter season of 2018-2019. This time we want to help you pair those purse styles with clothing styles that are in for the Fall/Winter season of 2018-2019.

New Clothing Styles for You to Follow

With new styles coming out every season don’t forget that oftentimes old styles come back into style years later! Think of scrunchies, scarves, and chokers all coming back from previous decades to this decade. So, pull out those items from the boxes of clothes labeled “high school” and “college” and pair them with this year’s trends. This season brings a lot of mixing and matching different styles to keep you on edge. We’ve combined a list of the most intriguing clothing styles for the 2018-2019 season.

1. Layering

Depending where you live you may need to layer to keep warm. Well no worries this season since layering in large clothes is all the trend. With large raincoats and sweaters in you won’t be short of options from your favorite brands and designers.

 2. Flowers

When was the last time florals weren’t in season? The answer is never, so you will always want to keep your florals around. Whether the outfit is patched with different florals to create a dress or puffer coat you will see plenty of brightly colored petals walking down the streets this season!

 3. Southwestern

Designers looked to the United States this year for trends and prints from the Southwest region. Following all your dreams of being a rebellious cowgirl are now coming true. Fringe, buckled belts, and leather are all the rage this Fall/Winter season!

 4. Animal Prints

Animal prints have been around for decades and will probably never go out of style. While some are more adventurous to wear the more daring styles of animal prints, this year provides not only clothing but accessories options as well. From your classic coats to stockings to jewelry you can’t go wrong choosing one. Some of this year’s most popular prints are zebra, cow, leopard, and snake.

 5. Geometric

Giving a modern and chic look to your wardrobe is large and small geometric shapes. Being bold and busy many of these looks will have heads spinning in your direction - in the best way possible. In bright and darker colors this clothing style is sure to please the eye.

 6. Abstract and Art

Why not combine art and clothing? Imagine wearing a Picasso or Van Gogh piece as your dress to that next big event you have. Blending abstract art motifs with geometric shapes and bright colors these clothing styles are sure to stay in your mind for the next few seasons. Not only are you wearing an art piece, but you are the art piece!

 7. Houndstooth

An instant chic classic look Houndstooth has made its way from outwear to regular wear. Not only will you see women styling this print as a coat during the cold winter months, but you will see it in dresses and stockings as well. Louis Vuitton has even opted to make a vest with brightly colored buttons.

 8. Glen Plaid

A combination of small and large print plaid glen plaid calls for a more intriguing look. On boots, bags, and jackets you won’t run out of options for this one. Often seen in more muted colors like grey this season’s designers bring out more brightly colored options for you.

 9. Scarf Prints

Scarf prints are all over this season in clothing styles. From shirts to dresses to regular scarves you will see this style all over. Each designer has given their own spin on what style of clothing they use, as well as what colors. From dark earthy tones by Jacquemus to bright metallic colors by Versace you are given a wide array of options to choose from!

 10. ‘80s Jackets

As we mentioned earlier, clothing styles come back every few decades. So, pull out those brightly colored jackets you wore back in the Disco days for a colorful accent this season. Give it a few more years and you’ll be rocking those leg warmers too!

 Hopefully this helps you prepare for this season’s upcoming clothing styles. Now you can pair all your bags, with our stylish chains, and your great clothes for this Fall/Winter Season! Check out our other posts on fãv to see other great tips and tricks for your purses!


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