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Travel the World With a Crossbody Bag

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Posted on August 15 2018

Travel the World With a Crossbody Bag

 Get Ready For Your Next Adventure

Should you bring a purse on your next travel adventure? If so, what kind do you need? fãv is here to tell you all about crossbody bags and how they can be the best and simplest to travel with!  

When traveling the world, you want to be sure you have the best bag to hold your wallet, phone, travel documents, lipstick, and be difficult to have taken or pickpocketed. As you get ready for your travels you hear horror stories of friends and family being pickpocketed because they didn’t watch their bag closely enough. You hear that there are cities with more pickpockets than others, and while it is more prevalent in large cities it happens anywhere and everywhere. A crossbody bag is your best bet to hold your items and keep them close! 

The style of bag you want when traveling to show pickpocketer’s that you aren’t naive is a bag that zips closed and is not overly large. When looking for a good purse to use while wandering the world look for these criteria:

  • A crossbody strap. Having the strap go across your body makes it more difficult for someone to try to rip the bag off of your arm.
  • Sturdy fabric. You don’t want to have a purse made out of too thin of fabric that will easily rip or be slashed.
  • Convenient size. If you can’t easily feel or see everything in your bag, then it can be taken much easier.
  • Zippers. A bag that zips closed is a must. You don’t want to catch a wandering hand slipping into your bag and leaving with your wallet.

You don’t want to travel with an oversized purse that doesn’t even close…that is a quick and easy way to have something stolen out of your bag. You can also travel with different style bags such as a backpack and fanny pack, however, the crossbody is your safest bet. Backpacks are difficult to feel anyone’s hand reach into your bag unless you wear it front facing, and fanny packs are great when you need don’t need multiple travel documents. 

Whether you are on the subway, in a crowded street or crosswalk, or just trying clothes on in a store dressing room you should always keep a hand or an eye on your bag. Be sure that in crowded places the bag is across your body, you place the zipper to be in front of you, your hand is over the mouth of the bag, and keep the bag in front of your legs - not on your side! All of these helps to keep your belongings safe and by actually wearing the bag across your body makes it difficult for anyone to take it off of you. A good trick in the subway is to keep your bag underneath your jacket or scarf with your hand still placed over it. You would be amazed at how many people are pickpocketed or have bags slashed without knowing it on the subway!

fãv is definitely one of your best options for a travel bag! Whether you want to purchase our black bag - the perfect size for your necessities - or you only want to purchase our chains to put on your own bag you have plenty of options. With thick sturdy chains that come in different sizes and colors, you can use any bag you want and switch out your strap to know its safe and durable. You can also turn our small black bag into a fanny pack by wrapping the chains around your waist - or even a little backpack when you want to switch it up. The options are limitless with how you are able to style your bag with fãv.

We hope this helps you to better understand the safest way to keep your belongings safe when traveling. Whether you are going on a weekend trip to visit friends or family, or you are traveling the world always be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye on your bag. Now you are set to travel from country to country!

TIP: Never walk around with all of your belongings on you. When you leave the hotel or Airbnb only bring minimal money (enough for the day or so, but not all of it), leave your passport behind (have a copy in your wallet), only bring necessary documents for that day, and don’t bring your whole makeup bag.

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