5 Ways to Wear Your fāv Bag
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5 Ways to Wear Your fāv Bag

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Posted on October 15 2018

5 Ways to Wear Your fāv Bag


Have you ever wondered why you wear certain bags the way you do? You most likely grab your everyday bag and arrange it the same way on the same shoulder - and this isn’t random. Each movement we make deciphers a hidden message. With each style of purse you carry you tell something different about who you are. Crossbody bags are one of the most practical bags you will ever use. They are easy to grab and go, easy to hold and hide under jackets, and lightweight.

Crossbody bags can become a part of any outfit with your fāv chain. With our straps you can turn any of your crossbody bags into the 5 styles we have listed below! Even with our black bag you are able to do each of the following styles. Believe us, once you find how many ways you can use your fāv chain you’ll never use anything else!

1. Across the body

Wearing a bag across the body shows precaution. You are aware of your belongings and what you are carrying on your body. Actually wearing a crossbody across your body is one of the best ways to prevent theft. Often times we grab a crossbody bag and sling it over our shoulder, which is fine, but in crowded places its best to use how its meant. When traveling it is of utmost importance you know where your wallet, keys, and documents are on your body. Read Travel the World with a Crossbody Bag to see the best ways to travel with your fāv chain. Remember that fāv chains are adjustable on the spot.

2. Over the shoulder

Often times wearing a bag over the shoulder shows that you are practical, driven, and prioritize functionality and ease. By placing your bag over your shoulder, you show that it’s convenient and your confident in your bag placement. If you are placing the bag over your shoulder fāv chains adjust to different lengths that best suit you! It is always nice to carry your bag on your shoulder and not have to worry about it blocking you or weighing you down. Our lightweight chains will make it feel as though you don’t even have a bag on your shoulder!

3. In the crook of the elbow

Holding a bag in the crook of the elbow usually means priority and status. You want to show the world that you are capable of doing things for yourself. You are telling the world you only need one arm to conquer it! This style of carrying a bag also enables a brand to be shown easier. With fāv chains you can wrap it around two to three times and use it as the handles for the crook of your elbow. The chains won’t dig into your skin with the lightweight metal unlike most other chains. You’ll feel chic and comfortable all at once!

4. Backpack

Backpacks have made a comeback recently just like fanny packs. Whether you are going for a school size bag or smaller, backpacks are extremely helpful when you need hands free moments. Backpacks are so easy to carry, often lightweight, and fit just enough. Depending on the size you choose you can place your wallet, some lipstick, and a few other necessities inside your backpack! It is so easy to use fāv chains as the straps to your backpack. Take any purse and hook the chain and double loop it through the ring holders and viola - backpack!

5. Fanny pack

The past few years fanny packs have made a major come back! Using a fanny pack, or belt bag, not only creates hands free ease, but you also know exactly where your items are since they are directly in front of you. These little bags are great anytime, anywhere. Traveling with a fanny pack is one of the best bags to bring on vacation. The fanny pack can fit under your shirt or jacket and stay secured with no one’s knowledge but your own! Whether you have a fun color, or a decorative fanny pack our chains will go with it. Just wrap the chain around your waist twice and hook it to the other end of your purse. We promise it is so easy and looks great with our fāv bag!

 During these next few months bright color bags such as red, blue, and green won’t leave your side. These bags are great to make a statement in the cold monochrome months of winter. All different styles and colors work wonders with our chains. Shop with us and you won’t be disappointed. Let us know in the comments other ways you wear your fāv chains and bag!

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