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Purse Storage: How to Keep Your Bags New

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Posted on November 16 2018

Purse Storage: How to Keep Your Bags New

Let’s be realistic, most of us have too many bags to count in our closet! Keeping all of your purses organized can be difficult. Sometimes you even forget the purses you have hidden in the back that are covered up. Whether you have your bags piled one on top of the other or thrown on the floor we want to help you keep everything nice and tidy.

Take our word for it, all of your purses matter. You don’t want to use a worn and beaten purse that you have only had for 2 years. Keep them looking crisp and fresh with our tricks on purse storage. From $5 to $5,000 purses you want to keep all of them in tip top shape.

Some of the tips we provide you with depend on the space you have in your home, closet, or shelf space. You always want to keep your most frequently used bags nearby for quick access. For the bags that you use less often you will want to follow the tips below to keep them looking brand new!

Tips for Purse Storage

 1. Behind the Door Space

You want to take advantage of any space you have in your bedroom or closet. With a closet door or bedroom door you can utilize that space with a purse hanger or shoe cubbies for your bags. With just a few bags the back of the door is the perfect place to store a them.

2. Utilize Cubbies and Bins

Stacking your bags vertically in cubbies and bins saves you tons of storage space. This is an easy way to see all of your bags organized. Using cubbies and bins also allows your bags to be separated and not covering one another.

3. Use a Hanging Bar

Set a bar across an area in your bedroom to hang your purses. You can mount the bar to the wall and set a few hooks across the bar for your bags to hang from. The type of bar you want to use should be sturdy enough to hold weight. You want something similar to a towel baror pot holder. Adding S hooks makes it easy to hold your purses in stylish fashion.

4. Hang them with Hooks

You can easily make your wall a decorative space for your purse storage. Using decorative hooks and knobs for your purses to hang on creates a wall of fashion. Whether you want to place multiple hooks in the wall, cabinet knobs, or use a whole rack you can make each one look decorative and flow in your room.

5. Magazine Holders

Magazine holders are great to use when organizing your clutches. Those small purses can be hard to keep track of. Whether they are forgotten about in the back of the closet or piled under multiple other purses magazine holders keep them upright and in sight. This gives your clutches space from all other bags to stay in tip top shape.

6. Use a Bookcase

Using a bookcase allows your purses to stand upright and not fall over. You can use a stylish bookcase or a plane bookcase, as long as it gets the job done. Using a bookcase means you can clearly see what purses are where and be sure each bag has enough space to itself. To get them to stay completely upright you want to fill them with tissue paper.

7. Line them on Shelves

If you have extra shelf space in your closet you definitely want to take advantage of that for your purse storage. Maybe you are currently keeping your summer clothes stored away on these shelves, or your winter clothes and jeans. Rethink storing your clothes there and use those shelves for your purses instead. Think about storing folded clothes under your bed or towards the bottom of the closet instead. With your purses on higher shelves you will be able to see all of them.

8. Shelf Dividers

So, you’ve decided to follow our trick of lining your purses on your shelves? Well now to make your life even easier if you have a lot of purses using shelf dividers helps to keep these bags separated. These dividers also help to keep your bags upright on the shelves. These are also a great way to separate clutches on your shelves as well!

9. Stuff the Bags

When storing your purses, you want to be sure that they are stuffed with tissue paper or old towels. This helps to hold the bags true shape. If you don’t want to use a ton of tissue paper or old towels you can also purchase handbag shapers. Stuffing your bag is important especially for bags you aren’t using every day. By having them lying around toppled on top of one another they can lose their shape over time.

10. Cover the Bags

Most of your purses will come with a dust bag for you to use as protection when storing and traveling. Take advantage of these covers because they prevent discoloration, scratches, and stains. When storing your bags in their dust covers cross the handles over one another and unclip any removable straps when you are storing your bags for a long time.

 Protection is absolutely necessary to keep your bags crisp, clean, and looking new. If you do not properly store your bags you run the risk of ruining your purses. You want to preserve shape, fabric, and look of the bag. If you are storing leather purses you want them in a climate-controlled environment. Purse storage is not as difficult as it may seem, but it is fundamental to keeping your bags beautiful!


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