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Purse Styles for Fall/Winter 2018

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Posted on August 27 2018

Purse Styles for Fall/Winter 2018


Are Your Purses in Style?

With Fall and Winter right around the corner it’s time to prepare your wardrobe. Bring all those winter clothes out of storage and grab your winter bags! We are here to let you know what purse styles and colors will be the best this season. The Fall / Winter 2018 trend of bags is in no shortage of stunning new styles and colors.

Popular Colors

During the Fall and Winter months we tend to go to darker colors such as black, grey, olive green, and many more dark colors which don’t always help dreary cold moods. You will be pleasantly surprised to know that this year’s collection many designers are bringing bright Summer and Spring Colors into their Fall/Winter collections. Here are just a few of the colors featured in this year’s seasonal collections from designers around the world!

  1. Hunter Green

While Olive Green is always considered a good color for the Fall/Winter seasons, Hunter Green has been added in many collections giving a little more pep in your step with your outfits!

  1. Cobalt Blue

You’re probably thinking a bright blue color is more for the Summer, but this year it has carried over to the Fall. This year you will see plenty of blue shades popping up from the month of September on.

  1. Burnt Orange

Giving you images of sunsets and curling up next to a cozy fire, burnt-orange is a great neutral color to bring together any outfit. These shades range from a cool orange to a deep lava orange. This is one color you can certainly have fun with but won’t be too overwhelming.

  1. Pink

Pink is one of the major colors showcased on the runways for Fall/Winter collections this year. Pink is a comforting color that will fit right into Fall and Winter. Whether you choose a light pink or a hot pink to show off what you like best you will be in high style. Pair berry tones with a black or grey outfit and see how the pop of color fits in perfectly.

  1. Light Blue

Blue is a universal color in that it can look down to earth or elegant. While Navy often makes an appearance during the Fall/Winter season, the 2018-2019 season shows light blue as a main color for the season. Thinking of lighter shades of blue as colors for warmer months start using them in colder months too!

  1. Mustard

While this color may not turn heads during the seasons it is an unusual enough color to show that you have an idea of what is happening in the fashion world. A fresh color with a natural bohemian feel to it Mustard can be worn with practically anything you desire.

Popular Styles

Styles in season are always changing, whether it be small or large bags. fãv wants you to be in top style and show you what styles are going to be best this upcoming 2018-2019 Fall and Winter season.

  1. Bow Clutch

While clutches have been around for some time as casual or elegant bags, there is now a new twist. We all know that sometimes carrying a clutch can get tiring, but now designers have added a bow in front of the clutch as a handle. Easier to carry and adding a twist on a classic this is a great Winter bag!

  1. Oversize Hobos

So, you carry everything under the sun in your purse? This is the style for you! These oversize hobo bags fit anything and everything you could imagine, and they look sleek doing it. In bright colors or neutral colors and Oversized Hobo is a bag you can never go wrong with.

  1. Top Handle Bags

Bucket bags have been in style for some time, but now has been recreated with a thick top handle and a simple bag. This creates easy of carrying the bag and easy access to the items you put inside the bag as well. With fun colors this style bag can be used year round.

  1. The Belt Bag and Fanny Pack

The Belt Bag and Fanny Pack have been making a comeback in recent years. Fanny Packs have taken a new turn from just being around your waist to being a bigger bag that you can wear on your shoulder or across your body. Belt Bags are a smaller version of a fanny pack that hold just your necessities like a few cards and a lipstick.

  1. Labels and Logos

Labels and Logos go in and out of season constantly, but this 2018-2019 Fall/Winter season has brought back labels and logos. Whether you want your bag to be obvious on designer or not it is back in season to see who you are representing.

  1. Chain Strap Bags

Not to be biased here...but Chain Strap Bags are all the rage! Seriously, they are in style year round and were showed in many runways for the upcoming season. Easy and stylish, Chain Strap Bags are perfect for the Fall/Winter season. Whether you want a thick or thin chain these bags give a statement of elegance and fashion forward.

fãv hopes you enjoyed reading about what styles and colors you should use this Fall and Winter. We want you to look your best and feel your best everyday! Shop with us if you want to be up to date on the latest styles and news in the fashion industry.

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