Our fāvorite story
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Our fāvorite story


It started with a conversation.
Two Midwesterners met in the middle of the desert during a self-care moment, admiring their newly glossy tipped digits, feeling the flow of ideas while the soothing air-conditioned breeze caressed their thoughts into what could be more. Listening, sharing, all the while nail lacquer gliding on. It was just like any other day of taking good care of oneself except that...there was synergy, connection.
It was easy.

It was the intersection of possibility and the beginning of “what’s next”. A friendship. A few hikes.
Some wine, some cheese and more conversation.
Conversations articulated commonalities and shared frustrations and spilled into the topic of accessories. Handbags, and well, straps, to be precise, and the ability to resurrect clutches and purses that have lost their luster, straps have worn and are frayed or are not the desired length to ensure functionality. These items have sadly been dimmed and cast forlornly to the back of the closet—but not yet ready to be rid.
So frustrating! They mused, What are we to do?
Half a decade later these two entrepreneurs pushed up their sleeves and demanded simplification: Less is more, they said. We need to give handbags different personalities and greater functionality by swapping out the existing strap and replacing with an easily adjustable chain. We also need convenience that includes style and security of the little things that matter the most.
It was then that the ultra-light chain was born.

Pushback came hard, and these two leaned in, showed the brilliance of the chain 
and the possibility of resurrecting the old; a sustainable movement, if you will. Patent pending, fāv is solving all of your handbag issues.

revolutionary patent pending chain system